Here's what others are saying about Sleepwell!


“As a company, the leaders at Dynamo recognized that a global pandemic combined with company growth and industry challenges was impacting, or having the potential to impact, the mental health of our people.  Bringing our leadership team together for a full day workshop to focus on ourselves, our team and our employees was a step we took to come together and put an intentional focus on the mental well-being of our people. 

We worked with Sleepwell to create a full day agenda that included customized content to ensure that the topics were relevant and suited our needs.  From the training Dynamo received from Sleepwell, we were able to establish common language around psychological health and safety.  Sleepwell also helped our managers become more comfortable with identifying who may be struggling and navigating conversations around psychological/mental health.  We were provided tools to help us identify and navigate our own stressors as well.

The day was engaging, interactive and went by quickly.  We received positive feedback from our entire leadership group. 

I highly recommend booking a full day workshop with the Sleepwell team.”

– Kyle Solie, A.Sc.T.

Manager – Key Accounts, Dynamo


“The Co-op Refinery Complex initially partnered with Sleepwell in 2017 to do some work on shift work and fatigue. It quickly became apparent that they would be a great partner for us in developing a Psychological Health and Safety Program for our employees. We have not regretted this decision. From the very beginning, the Sleepwell team took the time to understand our business, culture, and current challenges we were facing. They helped us develop a plan on what we needed to do to start our program, but also had a longer-term vision for sustainability. Our Psychological Health and Safety program is specific to our employee needs. They are working with us to build on some of the existing tools and resources we have so that our program is sustainable into the future.

Sleepwell works collaboratively with us and are very accommodating with their time and scheduling training for our employees and team leaders in our 24/7 operation. They have a thorough understanding of the material they deliver and are helping us break the stigma of mental health by creating a safe environment for employees to share their stories. They are very good at reading the audience and connecting with them. Their empathetic and genuine caring nature results in positive employee feedback from our leadership team to our front-line workers.

We are very excited to continue our journey with Sleepwell and move the dial on psychological health and safety in our work environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Sleepwell to other organizations looking to develop their own program around mental health and employee wellness.

– Larissa Dagnone

Manager – Health & Wellness, Co-op Refinery Complex


“Mosaic has worked with the Sleepwell team since 2016, developing and implementing a Psychological Wellness program for our workforce throughout the U.S. and Canada.  There were multiple indicators that such a program was needed, but we did not have the internal expertise to develop it.  We vetted several potential partners and decided to work with Sleepwell.  I can say without hesitation and with complete confidence that this was the right decision.  The Sleepwell team took the time to learn about Mosaic and get to know our workforce, our challenges, and our needs.  Mosaic and Sleepwell both realized that an off-the-shelf program may have some benefit, but a custom, tailored program would demonstrate authenticity and could really change our company culture in the long term. Sleepwell helped Mosaic put together a unique and sustainable program that fits our company culture and the needs of our workforce.

Amanda, Teresa and their team have an exceptional ability to relate to work groups ranging from front line miners to supervisors to executives.  They adjust their approach based on audience reception and interaction and take a true interest in the lives and concerns of the workforce.  They are experts in making connections quickly and fostering group participation. Their personal stories and audience interactions make the sessions engaging from start to finish.  After most of the Sleepwell presentations, there is a line of employees waiting to ask questions and talk further.  After training, employees are left with a unique vocabulary that makes talking about their mental state easier and simple; and they learn that mental health is just as much a part of overall wellbeing as physical health is. 

I’ve worked with the Sleepwell team for seven years now and consider them very valued and trusted partners.  I recommend Sleepwell to any organization that wants to take the next step to develop a program or company philosophy around mental health and psychological wellness.”

– Holland Thompson

Director of Health and Safety, Mosaic – North America Business