Our workshops are completely customizable! Whether you want to focus only on your leadership teams, or go big and involve your entire organization, we will create a workshop to perfectly suit your needs.

Our workshops are perfect for:

    – Developing a psychological health and safety program
    – Wanting to reconnect with your team
    – Solutions to overcoming organizational challenges

It all starts with a conversation. We start by having a discovery meeting that helps us understand your needs and objectives. You know your workplace best of all, so involving you in the creation of a custom workshop ensures maximum value and relevancy for all participants. Our end goal is to develop KPI’s that will provide meaningful benchmarks, data, and successful outcomes for all organizational levels.

“The time flew by.” — is a piece of feedback we receive often.

Since our workshops keep participants fully engaged throughout our time together, there is never a dull moment! Our experienced and dynamic facilitators keep the flow of the sessions lively and fresh by combining components of teaching, group discussions, and interactive activities, all with an attitude of lighthearted fun!

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“As a company, the leaders at Dynamo recognized that a global pandemic combined with company growth and industry challenges was impacting, or having the potential to impact, the mental health of our people.  Bringing our leadership team together for a full day workshop to focus on ourselves, our team and our employees was a step we took to come together and put an intentional focus on the mental well-being of our people. 

We worked with Sleepwell to create a full day agenda that included customized content to ensure that the topics were relevant and suited our needs.  From the training Dynamo received from Sleepwell, we were able to establish common language around psychological health and safety.  Sleepwell also helped our managers become more comfortable with identifying who may be struggling and navigating conversations around psychological/mental health.  We were provided tools to help us identify and navigate our own stressors as well.

The day was engaging, interactive and went by quickly.  We received positive feedback from our entire leadership group. 

I highly recommend booking a full day workshop with the Sleepwell team.”

– Kyle Solie, A.Sc.T.

Manager – Key Accounts, Dynamo